About Us

Delv is a business and technology change consultancy that specializes in financial project delivery and execution.

The Delv team is composed of top industry performers who specialize in solving challenges in technology, regulations, data standards, and business innovation across domains such as product control, finance, securitized products, derivatives, and more. Delv has a track record for success that spans over a decade, and has delivered major projects for some of the world’s largest banks and financial companies.

Our industry experience, fintech expertise, and commitment to excellence is why financial firms keep counting on us to execute their business and technology strategy.

Our Values

Big-Picture Mindset Long-term success requires
long-term thinking.

We care about people.

Challenge Driven Success is earned.

Quietly Confident The wisest voice is seldom the loudest.

There is always a path.

Meet the Delv Team We come from diverse backgrounds yet share a common bond in our financial expertise and commitment to delivering success for our clients.

Dave Lindsay CEO and Founder

CEO Note

Welcome to Delv

I’m delighted to be introducing you to Delv.  Many of you know us as Confluentia, our old name.  There have been so many positive memories since we launched back in 2008.  The best part of our journey has been the opportunity to meet, work with, and be inspired by so many fantastic people.

The ecosystem transformation of the past decade has been profound.  It has required all of us in the finance industry to take on complex challenges, whether regulatory, data, technology, organizational, or even structural.  And yet, looking back, although so much has changed, the human underpinnings of what we at Delv set out to do haven’t changed.

My decision to rebrand Confluentia led us to some introspection about our roots, about why we’re in business in the first place, and to reconnect even more strongly with our founding values.  That process has been a source of enormous pride.   The key to our success over the last decade is simple: We hire great people, we do right by them, and they do right by our clients and each other. That’s who Delv is, and that’s what makes us special.

So while the important things haven’t changed, we’re excited to be at this new point in our journey, as we reemerge as a modern financial services consultancy.  We’re passionate about our roots in data, regulations, technology, and change.  And we’re very excited to be helping our clients to solve new challenges in finance, and to develop opportunities for innovation.  The world is constantly changing, and we’re excited to be evolving with it.

Thanks to all of you who have been along for the ride.  If you’re new to Delv, give us a call—I promise you won’t be disappointed!  We’re excited to be entering this new chapter, and are pleased to be able to share this moment with you.


Dave Lindsay