Dave Lindsay CEO and Founder, Delv

Terry Robinson CEO and Founder, Vox

CEO Note

I am delighted to announce that we have agreed to combine our company with Vox Financial Partners, a global business and regulatory change consultancy that helps top tier banks and financial institutions plan, resource and implement major change projects. Together, we will be able to offer end-to-end risk, finance, data, and regulatory change management services to institutional clients around the world.

Vox has an excellent reputation in the industry, acting as a trusted advisor to global banks from their operations in Belfast, London and New York.  The more time I spent with the Vox team, the more I recognized how much our perspective, values, and strategy are aligned, and how much it made sense to combine forces.  The values that drive us, our work ethic, our client delivery focus, and the stock we place in our people are completely aligned. Our platforms are complementary, and will allow us to offer a range of solutions and nearshoring capabilities that the market wants, in the right geographies, making us collectively a greater force in the industry.

We’ve been building Delv for the past 13 years and I’m excited to be amplifying our offering and our ability to substantially grow our company. I’m delighted to be joining Vox as part of their executive team, and strongly believe that our combined platform will allow us to provide more value for our clients, while also opening up new and exciting opportunities for our very talented people.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.


Yours sincerely,

Dave Lindsay

Founder & CEO

About Us

Delv is a business and technology change consultancy that specializes in data and financial project delivery.

The Delv team is composed of top industry performers who specialize in solving challenges in data, technology, regulations, and innovation across finance, risk, product control, operations, treasury, and front office. Delv has a track record for success that spans over a decade, and has delivered major projects for many of the world's largest banks and financial companies.

Our industry experience, data know-how, fintech expertise, and commitment to excellence is why financial firms keep counting on us to design and execute their data, technology, and business strategy.

Our Values

Big-Picture Mindset Long-term success requires
long-term thinking.

We care about people.

Challenge Driven Success is earned.

Quietly Confident The wisest voice is seldom the loudest.

There is always a path.

Meet the Delv Team We come from diverse backgrounds yet share a common bond in our financial expertise and commitment to delivering success for our clients.