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for global banking challenges

Change management for emerging financial technologies,
regulations, and data standards.

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Delv delivers
financial projects.

From fintech integrations to business innovation, top
global banks count on Delv to deliver solutions to their
toughest challenges. Learn more about how we
can help you succeed.

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Why Do Banks Choose Delv?

Because Delv has been delivering projects for leaders in global finance for over a decade.

Case Studies


The Ripple Effect

In our blog “Blockchain’s Napster Moment,” we highlighted the importance of separating the utility of blockchain from the fervor of cryptocurrencies. Since then, XRP made headlines as its value skyrocketed and minted Ripple’s cofounders as the world’s newest billionaires.   Ironically, the hype of XRP stole thunder from the product itself, which deserves far more attention. The product is RippleNet, and more specifically its xCurrent software, which enables near instantaneous cross-border payments between banks. It’s a decentralized private network in which banks—the nodes […]